Philosophical Essays


PD Dr. Dr. Jacob Emmanuel Mabe
“ What do Europeans know about Africa“

Jürgen Hengelbrock (RUB University Bochum, Germany):
„Even God is not wise enough (Yoruba-saying) – Concepts of African Philosophy“ – Mi, 08.06.2005

Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze (DePaul University, USA):
Philosophy, Science and Cultural Principles of Reason: Do, 11.08.2005

Book Reviews

In our regular meetings we discuss certain literature. Here are abstracts of a selection on discussed topics:

Placide Tempels: Bantu Philosophy (German)

Leopold Sedar Senghor: „Liberte 1: Negritude and Humanism“

Paulin Hountondji: Myth and Reality (Berlin, 1993) 

Widerspruch Heft 30: Zeitschrift für Philosophie -Attempo Verlag Tübingen 

Discussions and Events

Agrarian Reform in south and east Africa – Ethical Implications (German)

Why people collect skulls rather than burying them – Fr, 29.04.2005

Namibia and its colonial Past 23.05.2003

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